Main targets

  • Rememberance of all killed in the Second World War and the participation of anti-fascist resistance in our region and in the world
  • Promote a message for current generation, that every war brings only destruction and decay that undermines human civilization at its heart and leads towards the extinction of mankind as a whole
  • For the young generation to recognise what war brings and to remind the older generation that we must never forget our parent’s and grandparent’s war suffering
  • Hold tribute to courageous Michael Strank, native origin from village Jarabina
  • Co-operate with the village Jarabina to build a memorial hall dedicated to Michael Strank ,very close to his birthplace.
  • The plan is gradually, within the exhibition premises to build the Michael Strank memorial (also possibly for other our natives). Where regular anniversary memorial services providing the gratitude they deserved will be held
  • Part of the building will serve a purpose of a house for war veterans as a sign of respect and gratitude for the service to the country.
  • Build pavilions for historical military vehicles with the insignia belonging to the statehood, or nationality, from the war they fought and died
  • Presentation of historical military equipment – take advantage of renting military technology and historical collections from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Culture for the purpose of launching the whole project.
  • Organising demonstrations of historical battles and fights by military history enthusiasts in cooperation with Slovak army. Promote our soldier’s participation on current peacekeeping missions and their activities in countries at war conflict risk.
  • Form cooperation with foreign partners, who will be familiar and keen on the idea of the exhibition establishment; approach USA party, where is the Second World War hero Michael Strank held in high esteem.
  • Approach professionals and the Second World War historians to provide the expertise and help to create a written inner part of historical source evidence connected with Michael Strank and equally with the war battles in our region.
  • Co-operation with all entities, which in any way support an idea of an establishment of military history exhibition
  • Ultimately to make Lubovna region more attractive for all tourists and visitors of Stara Lubovna and also the rest of the Presov region.
  • Appeal to school children and other educational institutions with trip offers in our region
  • Organising child themed camps and attractions, which support physical and mental kid’s development (climbing path)
  • Maintain selected types of technology in working order the way they can be used in emergencies and natural disasters in our region with the help of voluntary rescue groups