Under the auspices of Ministry of Defense of Slovak Republic
Under the auspices of Stará Ľubovňa town


The whole project is financially very demanding, therefore we would like to ask you for any help:

  • Obtain a grant and build indoor and outdoor exhibition
  • Gain the support of the Ministry of Defence or other ministries (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture )
  • Request from Ministry of Defence SR a support in the rental or donation form of military technology, equipment, armour for the II World War exhibition as well as for the exhibition of current ASSR peacekeeping missions and for the purpose of promoting the Michael Strank War exhibition.
  • Approach all Ministries of Defence of the participated countries in the World War II with the request of the rental or donation form of military technology, equipment and armour. Optionally in a form of a financial donation to construct the exhibition.