Historical war exhibition


Under the auspices of Ministry of Defense of Slovak Republic
Under the auspices of Stará Ľubovňa town
The project aim is to pay tribute and respect to public figure MICHAEL STRANK. The exhibition is held in his name to recognise and give him well deserved attention. Within the exposition a separate area will be dedicated to his personal achievements.
The project will be implemented in the form of outdoor and indoor sections. The aim is to provide more information about World War II . Create individual pavilions to pay tribute to all participating parties touched by conflict without hatred and prejudice. The idea is to highlight the cruelty, the consequences of cowardice , but also the honor and heroism.

The actual exhibition location carries symbolism of the second World War as at that time Luboviansky castle was occupied by the gestapo. In 2015 Lubovianky castle was visited by 143 550 tourists.

We hope to attract visitors with a modern type of exhibition where realistically built trenches, bunkers, artillery batteries and military equipment will be placed. Part of the exhibition will be devoted to actual war conflicts and the action of our troops in these conflicts and various peacekeeping missions .

Exterior view

Galery war exhibition