Michael Strank

Born on 10th of November 1919 in Jarabina village CZECHOSLOVAKIA, He studied at Franklin Borough College in Pensylvania until 1937, He voluntarily joined military forces on 6th of October 1939,In 1943 he was given Purple Heart award, 23th of February 1945 raising of the American flag on the Iwo Jima island, He fell on 1st of March 1945 after being hit by shrapnel


Who was Michal Strenk


BORN : 10.11.1919


When he was six years old together with his parents he went to the USA. He graduated from high school in Pennsylvania and in October 1939 he joined the Marines. He became famous during the battles of Iwo Jima and through an image of Associated Press reporter, Joe Rosenthal, who captured the Second raising of the American flag on the top of mount Suribachi on volcanic island Iwo Jima. ( the first flag risen two hours before the commander’s arrival was too small)

He did not live to see the complete conquest of the island, where he famously erected the flag. He fell on 01 of March in 1945 after being hit by shrapnel from an American ship, when he was sketching a new manoeuvre in the sand. His brother Peter Strank served during the war in the South Pacific on the aircraft ship USS Franklin.


During his life he was given following awards:

Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation, America Defense Service Medal, American Area Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Area campaign with four stars, World War II. Victory Medal and more. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, grave no. 7179, Section 12th.

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